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Ben is knowledgeable and has clear communication. I purchased a Kona Stinky Dee-Lux that has been eBike retrofitted with 1000W battery and 14Ah. The bike is like a tank, other than snapping my chain on the first big push, I am satisfied with the construction. I would recommend Ben to future customers looking for a cost efficient electric bike.

Good bike, plenty of power

I bought an electric Mid drive full suspension fat bike 1000w from Ben today. Ben is a very nice guy. He’s explained to me about everything of the bike. He made me feel better and I love my new bike very much. I will start to ride my bike tomorrow and practice all the options Ben was explained to me. I live in North Vancouver this city has lots of hills so I need the electric bike to enjoy up and down the hills and go around the city. One again thank you so much for your help Ben.

Recently got an FX45M bike from Ben. First of all he was great with all of the back and forth emails and answered my questions well and promptly. Secondly, the bike is amazing. Got the 17 amp battery and the first charge lasted 100 mi even though I was trying out all the assist levels. Am just beginning to figure out what I can do with this bike - I have a whole new outlook on adventurous trips I plan to take!

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Bought an urban cruiser 1000watt. Ben is helpful and knowledgeable. I rode it today from maple ridge to coquitlam and back. I got more than 50 km out of the battery. I was using the thumb throttle a fair bit and got up to 53 kph. The smile on my face still hasn't left. Thanks so much Ben, I'm really happy with this machine and hope to enjoy it for many years.


Hi Gord here
I now have 153 Kl on my urbb / an bike. Bum only feels tender when I first sit on it. After a few minutes it is fine. My top speed has been 48 KL/hour and I braked when I saw how fast I was travelling---a smooth ride. All the paved roadway hills have been easy to climb at 20 kl or higher speeds. Night riding is tricky. Bike lights are more for being visible than seeing the road at night. I have tested it in a skate board park, in the sand and through mud puddles. No regrets yet. I found dry, heavy sand almost impossible to steer in. I expect it would be better closer to the water. The beach I was on was sand bagged so I couldn't get near the water. I need more miles to be any good in the skate board park. I let some 16-year-old kids at the park test ride it on the flat surfaces and they all agreed it was the best bike they had ever ridden. I have to hose off the muddy tires. Off roading was fun but I'll need more miles to let the bike perform. I'm a bit of a chicken still. I'm off for another riding experience.


Hi Ben,
Many thanks for converting my Rocky Mt. Element to an ‘Ebike’.  I know it was a tight fit.  I have had the bike for a couple of days and used it in various conditions.  It’s exceeded my expectations at all times.  I had considered buying an factory made ‘bike’ and ridden several.  The setup on this bike well exceeds the performance of any of the bikes I tested.  I will get a lot more use out of this bike in the future.  Upgrading the brakes and the chain were the only other changes needed to make the bike perform properly in ebike mode. Several of my friends have ridden it in the last two days, and they have all become instant converts.  

I enjoyed the whole purchase experience.  You were in touch with me during the whole process, and kept me informed.  The bike was delivered on time at the agreed upon price.  You have followed up after the purchase to make sure everything is in good order.  Not only is the product first rate, but the buying experience was 10/10.  I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking to purchase, convert, or upgrade.
Thanks again!,
Vancouver BC

Myself and friend bought 2 1000w electric fat bikes from Ben the other day. We bought these bikes to get us further into the backwoods for hunting fishing ect. First ride put 20km on both bikes in flat to moderate slopeing terrain and very impressed with the battery still being full on both bikes. Ben has been great help through out the process with second to none customer service. I will be doing a more thorough review after riding for a few months in the mountains but first impression is very good and I would recommend these bikes to anyone.

Bought an electric bike last week from Ben but today was the first day to really try it out. My husband and I are retired but he is very active. I am overweight, have arthritis and have bad joints which makes walking longer distances hard. We live out in Chilliwack and took our bikes out on the Vedder River Rotary Trail and had a great time. I hadn't been on a bike since our daughters were preteens (almost 25 years) so was rather hesitant. Started off with low assist then turned it off just to try out the gears. Pedalled for about 15 - 20 minutes with no power then when I started to tire, I used low assist. SO glad I can now do something active with my husband again. The bike performed well and we both had a great time.

Gord Link reviewed June 3, 2018
I bought an E-Ranger Urban bike Sunday from Ben. Not only was he great to deal with, he answered all my questions promptly. I love it. I put 14Kl on it today and have brought it to Vancouver Island. I was passing with ease other e-bikes coming off the ferry on the hill. And this is the first I've ridden a bike in about 40 years (I'm 70). The hill outside my door is pretty steep and I was wondering how long it would take to be able to climb it. I surprised myself and my wife when I was able to climb it on the first try. The only problem I have is a sore derriere. But I expected that problem. And it is way less sore than expected.  Day two, was 7 KL

Wednesday was my first ever ride on any kind of motorized cycle that didn't require a license, a plate, or insurance. Stan Brooks of Mobetta Power Bikes was good enough to invite me along for a little trip around the Tawatinaw Valley ski hill on a FT41M Ebike. Sounded like a great idea. Then I got out there and had a look at the conditions. Being a long-time leather jacket big engine biker, I wasn't too sure about riding on slush, ice and mud. A short little familiarization putt and we were off! I was astounded by how sure footed this bike was on some pretty goopy surfaces, and it wasn't long before I had the controls figured out and was givin' 'er pretty good! We covered approximately 12 KM in a bit over 45 minutes, but that included a fairly lengthy pause to discuss world events and to replenish our anti freeze levels (this step is not recommended). The route included a pretty decent long straightaway uphill climb that would have left me croaking in the ditch on a normal pedal bike, but this thing skipped up it like nothing. On the long downhill backstretch I got the bike up to 43 KMH, and don't forget that's on icy crappy slush. To sum up, this was a great way to kill a winter afternoon, and one of these bikes is definitely on my short list for gifts to myself. I LOVE THIS BIKE, and you will too! Thanks Stan for the invite!

Stan Brooks reviewed eRanger Electric Bike5 star
3 hrs ·

I'm from Alberta and recently purchased 3 bikes from Ben. I plan on doing E bike tours and have started with an FX41M, an FT41M and an FT45M. I plan on adding an Urban Cruiser to my fleet before spring hits, but wanted to get my hands on these babies now for those nice winter days.

Easy transaction process, quick at getting them out the door and excellent packing. Everything showed up in perfect condition on a snowy cold day.

I rushed home and set up the FX41M and the FT41M. I've never owned a mid drive bike before and was excited to try them, before the impending blizzard socked in. Ben was nice enough to ship my batteries juiced up so I was able to whip them together and get a short rip in.

The fat tire has a 1000 watt BBSHD and I rode it first, down my 1000' lane and back. Very impressive. Lots of snow so the wide tires plowed a bit but all in all very decent.

Then I rode the FX41M with the new Bafang Max drive system. Mind blown. This thing is so far beyond anything I have ever been on it's not even funny. Again only a 2000 ft ride, but enough to tell. The skinnier tires helped with the soft snow, but just the same, these things rip. It will certainly be set to econo mode when I let citizens ride it.

Then we got a blizzard with a foot of snow and -20, so in my shop they sit. Going to put together the FT45M this afternoon. I'll let you know how it goes.

In summary what I have seen so far has been very impressive and the bikes are priced competitively with the big guys. I think we have a Canadian contender to the big L. Time will tell but the whole thing beats dealing cross border or worse with someone in China as far as I'm concerned.

I gotta give a huge shout out to Ben at@eranger_bikes. I picked up one of these bad boyz a few days ago and can't get enough of it. After riding mine for a few minutes, my brother @spot_b_smokindecided to pick up the FT41M the very next day. These bikes haul ass. My bro and I both weigh about 240lbs and are between 5'11" and 6' .
I got a new set of wheels from @eranger_bikes yesterday. This ebike is an absolute beast. eRanger fat tire cruiser 1000w mid drive motor with dual 48v 17ah lithium batteries. This ebike is perfect for commuting to work or just meet@spot_b_smokin at his favourite coffee shops

Ray Lau 5 star
I purchased the eRanger FT41M roughly 5 months ago from Ben, I have put on over 1200 kms so far on the bike both in the city and out in the backcountry. The only time I use the throttle is when starting from a stop on a hill other than that I use peddle assist or shut off the motor when riding.

At first I had some minor issues with the bike but Ben took care everything, all I had to do was add a few items to the bike so that I can use it for fishing, hunting, and backcountry touring! Trying to outfit a full suspension fat bike was a lot harder than I thought, not too many racks, fenders or other accessories were available, in hindsight I kind of wished I bought the non-suspension bike but now that I finally have everything i wouldn't want to trade it in!

The bike is heavy, and with the 4" tires and fully loaded panniers I honestly would not want peddle this beast back up a hill to my camp, or any big hill for that matter! I then purchased extra batteries rated 48V 14ah and these were noticeably better than the 48V 12ah stock battery, they lasted longer so you can go further, I bought five additional batteries and a rear rack bag that can easily carry a spare battery on longer trips, I also have a fat tire trailer for carrying more gear!

In the city a fully charged battery should easily last 100kms give or take depending on how you ride, on rough gravel roads with a few hills and about 35lbs of gear I was averaging around 45kms on one battery. The powerful 1000W motor makes the weight of the bike and the rolling resistance of 4" tires almost invisible, until you find a steep hill just increase the power level, if the battery runs out then get ready to push!!

You can spend a lot of $ on an Ebike or non Ebike, if it has name brand components the bike can easily cost upwards to $7000 and more, most are underpowered for what I want to accomplish! I am very pleased with this Eranger bike, it gets a lot of attention everywhere it goes. Ben has to get the Eranger name painted on the Bike and not the battery.

Chuong La  5 star
Hi Ben, this is Chuong, I love the mid drive conversion kit I purchased from you! Thought I'd wright a review and comparison in performance to my kids Haibikes.

The kit was a 750 watt mid drive paired with a 48volt 12ah battery. My kit came with everything needed like crank arms, crank, throttle, and brake levers with motor cut out. I wanted a few different things to customize my bike like smaller crank gear and shift cut out sensor. Ben was very helpful with advise and he had the parts I wanted to upgrade. The installation on to my Norco Atomik downhill bike was pretty easy for a person with some bike maintenance experience. The install took me a few hours as I took my time and enjoyed the whole process.
The test ride......I was amazed at how much power this unit had! My unit had 9 levels of pedal assist or I could just use the thumb throttle and not pedal at all.
I live in an area with steep long hills. I was able to climb them with ease with pedal assist. I looked like a seasoned cyclist! The motor is super quite and power kicks in when I start pedaling. My kids ride Haibikes with a Yamaha drivetrain and they had to work a bit to keep up with me climbing these hills around our neighborhood. Comparing the two systems the biggest difference I noticed was the way the Yamaha system gradually increases power when you apply pressure. I believe it has pressure sensor built into the system. The conversion kit just applies power when it senses you pedaling, something I got used to pretty quickly. If you love your current bike and want a bit of assistance to keep up with the kids look into a conversion kit! Ben was great to deal with and was very quick with any questions I had!

Claire Clark  5 star·

HI BENHO, this is Doug Clark, The FX45M eRanger mountain bike is superb ! Really good company service. Great gears, traction and long range battery. Superb bike all around. Really good on gravel, paved trails and steep hills here in Nanaimo. Great shifters, brakes and great traction tires.Fantastic suspension. Bike was here in 2 days on Fedex.

Craig Holland  — 5 star
I bought the FT45M unseen, and I couldn't be happier with it. The first time I took it out was in a grass field with 8 to 10 inches of snow and it powered through like nothing, tons of speed, tons of power. I had a few questions and minor concerns in the first week but they were immediately answered by Ben, usually within an hour or two. Great customer service, great product. You won't be disappointed!

Andrew Ross — 5 star
I bought the FT45M. It came FedEx with five days of ordering it. It took me two days to assemble (not the handiest guy) but Ben helped me through the programming portion and when done I was happy. I have only ridden it twice so far but it works great. The real test will be this fall when I take it off road into the Madawaska highlands. I intend to use it on off road trails and into places where my mountain bike can't make it. I will do a follow up review then. But so far so good. The ordering process was easy, the shipping was completed without any damage and I successfully put it together.

Dustyn Boyle 5 star

This bike is amazing, I got the ft45m mid-drive and I don't know why I waited so long to buy it. This is revolutionary in bicycles. I've only had it for a few days, I sure hope it can last Albertas weather. I'll have to put another post on on a month or two.

Garry Dyck
 — 5 star·

Received my bike as ordered. Delivery and service were great and timely even over the Christmas rush. Live in Calgary and took down to Edworthy Park and backup the dirt trail. Wow!
Easy to ride in the snow with the 4" tires and goes up the hillside like nothing! Whole new experience. Love it!

Just rode the bike with a trailer and 20 lb dog in it in 20 cm of snow. Ice and snow -- no problem.
What a ride!

Marti Kirschbaum Markus — 

Bought the G45M from Ben a few weeks ago. Overall I've had an excellent experience.
The bike arrived at my home in Colorado 10 days after purchase. Did not come with any instructions, but very easy to put together.
I ran into a brief problem with a battery contact but Ben was extremely responsive both by phone and by email in guiding me through troubleshooting and fixing the issue. It turned out to be a loose wire that was ultimately an easy fix.
The bike has been great. I've used it on my daily commute that involves city streets and regional gravel trails. I typically use pedal assist setting 4 or 5 of 9. This gives me tons of power for the flats and steep hills. I could thumb it up, but I don't want to go too fast and I enjoy putting the effort with my legs. My commute is 8-9 miles one way with several 5-7% hills that are up to 1 mile. The 8-Fun motor handles this without difficulty.
The bike is heavy, as expected. I haven't taken it on singletrack but that's not why I bought it.
Overall, this has been an excellent experience and I would reccomend to others.

Matthew Lovelace Eranger is like riding a dream,one turn of the pedal and you are effortlessly flying down any trail. Exceeds all my expectations , my only problem is I cant get my wife off of it so I can ride.

Andrew Littlejohn — 

i bought the FT45 a week ago, Ben dropped it off at my doorstep. I am enjoying it very much, and because of the fat tires the ride is amazing. The bike is an eye catcher for sure, i get many turned heads. the motor itself is excellent and the battery lasts around 45 km on the highest setting, i haven't tried it on any other setting yet. frame is pretty solid, made from 6061 aluminum(very good aluminum). the tires are around twice the width of any mountain bike tire. It has internal wiring so that the bike looks cleaner and better. All in all you will not be disappointed at all if you buy this bike......

Rick Eoni Just came back from an evening ride on my new FT45, what a ride! This bad boy is everything that Ben said it would be and more. Ben was great to deal with, constant updates until the day I got it and even post sale. I recommend Ben and his company to anyone interested in ebike.

I bought a second bike from Ben. Same great service and communication. My wife didn't want the fat bike, but was glad to see the more conventional style was available. She loves it. How we can ride together, without me having to either slow down or wait for her. Go for it - by one or two.

Kenneth Horton
Got my Fat Bike 45 several weeks ago and am well pleased! Put on a suspension front end last week and like it even more ! It's a couple inches longer than the stock one, which for me makes it ride like a dream! I recommend the upgrade! I live in Juneau Alaska close to Mendenhall Glacier, bike trails everywhere and I've seen more of them in the last few weeks than I have in years! I'm retired and disabled with chronic arthritis 65 years old and this bike allows me to ride around like a youngster. Can't wait for the snow to blow this fall to see how it does in the snow! I'd like to say thanks to Ben for his knowledge and advice. 5stars!!!

David Zantolas Recently received my new 2015 GT45M electric bike which I ordered online through Eranger. I live in Prince George, B.C., and essentially wanted the bike for general pleasure use. I have only had it a short time, but so far I've been very pleased with the comfort, the ease of use and the general overall sturdiness of the bike. Ben has been terribly helpful in all aspects of getting the bike to me and providing me with pointers and details to get me started. Hills I would have never attempted before are now something I enjoy. Battery life seems to be great although I haven't put it to a real test yet. Cheers. Happy biking!

Fraser Smith — Recieved my FT45 bike 3 days ago and are very happy with it. The bike arrived in excellent condition, I've never ridden a bike with the electric assist before and it turned out to be better than I expected. Its a lot of fun. I was very happy with the whole buying experience, any questions I had were answered promptly even after buying the bike I had questions and received a very prompt reply. Thanks

Bob QuesnelToday I received my FT45 electric fat bike. Ottawa-Gatineau is filled with beautiful bike paths and trails along the river and through the Gatineau park and my wife and I will be out there. I did a lot of research and visited local shops before contacting eRanger online. I knew what I wanted by then asked for a lot details. Their support is very informed. I sent in my deposit for about a 4 week delivery time. That's exactly what it took and I received my bike yesterday in excellent condition with only minor final assembly required. I don't usually make large purchases on line and I'm very happy with the openness and integrity of eRanger electric bikes.
It didn't take long and I was out for a test drive. Man, this bike rides incredibly smooth on those fat tires and it goes like stink. The controls are simple and It looks so cool. Today I'm heading off road.

John C. WilliamsLet me start by saying, I'm a perfectionist. I've worked for a company for 36 years (and counting) in QA of specific products. Having read several reviews, and seeing the level of satisfaction, I decided to buy a fat bike from here - sight unseen. I'm extremely hard to please, hard on myself when I make mistakes. This was no mistake. My experience - excellent quality, above and beyond communication, reasonably priced. One last point - being a large guy, (6'2", 250 lbs) this FT45 is a great bike that fits perfect. Kinda looking forward to winter to try it in the snow. Well, maybe that's pushing it. Enjoying summer first. Thanks so much Ben.

Daniel Ramrus  - I picked up the mid-drive BBS02 kit from E-Ranger bikes and installed it on a hard tail. I'm happy with the kit, it cuts 10 minutes off my commute which is 20km each way. I only use about a half charge with the highest amount of assistance round trip. I've also blasted up some steep hills at speeds that I could never reach without the kit. Thumbs up! Daniel

Yvon HubertI tried eBike last summer. It has been a terrific discovery to me. Cycling was just patience and sweat to me. With eBike it became great to go further without pain.
I found our Canadian winter would be too long. I heard about Fat Bikes. I just thought, can I find electric ones? I did little Survey and found few. eRanger from PR Industries is just a perfect fit to me. Bike is cool, looks great, powerfull. The price is lower than competition. Communication withcompany has been so simple. They care about service.
I strongly recommend them.

 ADAM ZICKGRAF - hello Ben-hope all is well with you during this new year-The bike is running strong and is probably the smoothest riding bike that I own-very comfortable-have taken it to the few beaches we have here in SF on multiple occasions-I have ridden it in the rain a few times and was wondering if that was truly ok?-also, when I haven't used the bike in a few weeks, I have tried to top off the batteries and they still remain at peak with the charger showing green-very impressive-none of my other lithium batteries hold a charge as well as the eRanger batteries-anyways-take care and I hope that business is booming.

Richard Emery —My wife and I recently purchased a pair of eRanger GT45, they are excellent bikes and are perfect for cruising on terrain with hills. My wife especially enjoys hers because she has a rear child carrier and the electric motor makes it easier to ride. We look forward to exploring with these bikes!

Mark JordanVery Happy with my GT45 purchase. My name is Mark and I live in Plano Texas I purchased a new GT45 ebike from Ben at PR Industries and the first bike that arrived the box was completely destroyed and the bike had over $1200 worth of damage we later found out. I sent the pictures to Ben who forwarded them to Fedex for a damage claim and after a week the claim was approved I shipped the damaged bike back to Ben and he shipped me a new bike which arrived with no damage and not only looks good but is very sharp and very well made the quality is as good as a lot of more very expensive bikes. Ben has been very nice through the whole ordeal he is a trusted seller and I would do business with him again. If you are looking for a good quality ebike for the money I would buy it from Ben who stands by his product and is there for support or when you need to ask him a question.

Gary Rederick My bike of choice is the GT45 step through model, the pearl white color looks great with my Goldwing and Highlander of similar color. The bright battery cover really looks good as well. I get a lot of compliments about the looks of my bike.

I retired in 09 and I am not small by any means. However, this bike moves me around with ease through our state's (MN) great bike trails. On one trip, I made it back with power to spare on the 28 mile loop. I used low power mode most of the time, but it worked.

I customized my bike with handle bar extenders so that I can pedal without much leaning forward, All those problems of neck, wrist, back and saddle discomfort pretty much went away when using this bike. I also added a back rack and bag so that I can add my fishing equipment (4 piece fishing rod), drinks etc on my rides. My wife always wanted me to join her on bike rides, I can now do that. For me, the GT45 step through outshines my previous bikes (comfort and recumbent).

I have taken this bike off-road using dirt trails. I had to lift it over fallen trees and walk it through heavy tree growth. This bike has great balance with the battery stored in frame center and low on bike. The motor location on back hub is out of harms way and has very few dangling wires to catch tree branches or weeds. This bike performs as hoped for and is a joy to ride it.

I was concerned about using an ebike on our bicycle trails, but this ebike design appears to meet the restrictions of 20 Mph maximum, only pedal assist and no greater that a 1000 watt motor.

So far, the GT45 step through ebike has had no break downs and we look forward to our next bike ride. I therefore have to give it a 5 star rating, way to go eRanger!

Gary Rederick — My bike of choice is the GT45 step through model, the pearl white color looks great with my Goldwing and Highlander of similar color. The bright battery cover really looks good as well. I get a lot of compliments about the looks of my bike.

Brian StevensThis bike is awesome well built with quality components. the 48v system has enough power to haul me (214 lbs) up and down the trails for over 3 hours, countless miles. Service and support has been great. I recommend this bike to anyone in a heartbeat.

Houston John — Truly the eRANGER fat bike is the best deal going-It's the type of ebike that just seems to keep getting better and better the more I get to know all of it's capabilities-I am very satisfied with my purchase!!

Steven WuWhat a beautiful bike! I put together my eRanger fat bike this morning and amazingly the bike exceeded all my expectation. Smooth, sturdy and powerful are some words I can think of. Before I knew it, I found myself cruising around the whole afternoon.

Billy Cranmer — After 600km in two weeks, my only complaint about my eranger would be the stock tires it came with. They are complete, undiluted crap. Three flats, last one by small thorns of all things. Puncture resistant, my butt, puncture addicted would be more accurate. Once I replaced the tires, no problems! I absolutely love the bike. Highly recommended, its absolute joy. Just replace the stock tires first!

Lynn Garseth Collins We love our E-Rangers!!!